The Sound of FretHike is shortly described by:

catchy grooves, bluesy licks and straight forward vocals - always keeping it essential !

The band convinces with a blasting performance and irressistble grooves for your hips. Their music is refreshing, spontanious and sophisticated - nevertheless easy to enjoy and to dance. A mixeture that electrifies the audience and which has leadt to the sucess of artists like John Mayer.

Frethike is founded arround the charismatic singer and guitarist Timon Düblin. His rhythm section Andreas Wyss (Bass) and Andreas Schnyder (Drums) truely indulge the audience. They play with presicion,  certainty and joy and provide for the very fabric of the arrangements. 

FretHike composed their music throughout multiple studio sessions. Preliminarily they come up with a riff, melody, some lyrics or chords from which they draw up a tune. While rehearsing and elaborating, they record the songs, often the same day. This assures simple and authentic tunes, without overpacking them. 

The multi-instrumentalists Timon Düblin and Andreas Schnyder started the project. After a few sessions the Austrian bassist Tobias Melcher and later on Andreas Wyss (formerly Stiller Has) joint the recordings. The musicians know each other from different projects and sessions, which favours a profound musical connection and casual style.

FretHike are

Timon Düblin – guitar and vocals

Andreas Wyss – bass

Andreas Schnyder – drums

The Band gigs as a trio, occasionally in addition with a hammond/keys or a second guitar.

The songs are about social issues, presented by a personal perspective. Especially the critics on consumption, ecological disaster and on clichés of love are articulated in the lyrics. The writer of the words, Timon Düblin, is engaged in these topics and frequently in the focus of his own critics. His study of philosophy is recognizable throughout the lyrics.